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Locksmith Pierrefonds

For 24/7 Emergency Locksmith Pierrefonds Call (438) 288-2795

Locksmith PierrefondsWe have been providing quality lock-related services in Pierrefonds, Quebec for years now, and we have built up a wide base of loyal customers.
In addition to emergency locksmith services, our professionals have the ability to install and repair all types of locks within reasonable limits.
We provide installation services for commercial intercom systems, access control systems, deadbolt locks, garage door locks, latch protections, mortise locks, high-security locks, open u-locks, master keys, rekeying, electronic locks, safe locks, and mailbox locks in addition to other common locks.

Emergency lock service

We deal with all the largest lock and key brands such as Medeco, Mul-T-Lock, and Weiser, so we are capable of installing all the latest locks from every big lock brand operating in Canada.
We service most of the locks we install as well in addition to providing emergency lock services 365 days a year.

Our residential and commercial locksmiths have been trained, certified, and are among the most experienced locksmiths in the country.
In addition, we offer a free estimate for your various security needs, and our locksmiths can provide you with in-depth knowledge of lock and key services based on your budget and security requirements.
When it comes to security, do not compromise!