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Commercial Locksmith Service

Commercial Locksmith Just like your home, you want to protect your business property from possible thieves and vandals.
Securing your business or commercial property is essential to protecting your employees and your investment.
Express Locksmith Verdun provides a number of specialized services and products to help reduce employee theft and improve security at your place of business.

Express Locksmith Verdun is a highly trained individual who can install and repair push-pull paddles that are often found in commercial properties, as well as panic bars, exit devices an intercom system.
Even magnetic locking systems for “buzzer entry” of doors are no match for a trained locksmith.
We can also make recommendations for products or services that will increase the security of your building and protect your property.

Locksmith For Your business

If a lock does not work or if you need a new key for your office door then it is a commercial locksmith that you must go to for assistance with this pressing matter.
The same can be said if you lock yourself out of your business.
Express commercial locksmith is also the professional you need to call when you start a company and need to have locks placed on the doors.
Whether it is standard keys you need made or whether you need electronic keys and/or access devices, a commercial locksmith is the person you need to talk to.

Commercial Locksmith  Services we offer :

  • Access Control
  • All types of repairs and upgrades
  • Fitting of locks and cylinders
  • Security Consultation
  • Master key Systems
  • Making and Re-making of Keys.
  • Sliding door locks
  • Safe installation
  • Window bars and grills
  • Exit Devices
  • Code locks
  • Digital door locks
  • Combination locks
  • Deadbolts
  • Cabinet locks
  • Door closers and viewers
  • Door closer
  • Mortis locks

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