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Lock Rekey Service

Having our locksmith tech to manage all of your rekeying requirements is absolutely much less expensive than what you could have change the locks and installing new ones.
Montreal locksmiths will reconfigure the locks inside a small time frame at prices which be affordable for everyone.
The expenses may be determined by how several locks you will need to become rekeyed.

Way to rekey ?!

Lock Rekey Rekeying a residence could be extremely critical, specifically in case you have just purchased a brand new home or rented one particular.
A fall out in between lovers, spouses of fiances also can necessitate rekeying.
It isn’t adequate to assume that the folks gave you all of the keys for the residence.
It’s just as simple to have them duplicated providing them the access towards the home anytime they want.
Our locksmiths service is available 24/7 for this circumstances saving you worries of interruption of privacy and intrusion.


Rekeying does not mean replacement locks.
Rekeying is cheaper and affordable than replacing locks.
This key can be used for your home or office.
It also helps to solve car lock problems. Rekeying refers to changing the locks so only new set of keys can open a lock.