Home security reaches new level with keyless locks

keyless locks

keyless locksIt only takes one glance across the stylish displays of door hardware when shop- ping for our eyes to land on the sleek designs of the key- less locks.

Handsomely crafted in various metallic finishes and operated by entering a PIN on a keypad or touchscreen, it doesn’t take much to envision this touch of class on our own front door.

Security, however, is the primary purpose for the engineering of keyless locks.

Police investigations show that many thieves actually have a key, so by installing a deadbolt with an ANSI Grade 1 classification — in which all stored data is encrypted at the same level of security as used in online banking — your upgraded system is surely going to stop a robbery in its tracks.

But even everyday life could cheer up significantly when we envision no more worries about losing the key; no more digging around when loaded up with groceries; no need to take a key when out for a run; knowing when your kids arrive home from school; and no more concerns about future security when we give house keys to the cleaning lady, handyman, babysitter, and more.

We’ve all been in those situations, so take a look at these appealing solutions:

Locked out: Don’t cause costly damage by breaking in, simply enter a user-code and you’ll be inside —
and the deadbolt is engaged by pressing an exterior button before you go.
Lost key: Kids do it, adults do it.
a unique code can be assigned to each household member ensuring their safety and your peace of mind.

Forgetfulness: Did you forget to lock the door? Now, certain Schlage deadbolts are computerized to be paired with your PC,
smartphone and other mobile devices. Far from home, “smart” features allow you to control the lock, or send a code to someone else so they can get in with their mobile.
Advanced engineering in the Sense Smart Deadbolt and the Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt assures the highest and the most complex level of security.

Freedom: Go for a run, walk the dog, or rush off to family-fun events on the weekends without the risk of hiding a key somewhere outside. Even at night, keyless lock touchscreens will give you enough light for quick entry.

More information, which includes home automation using Apple technology, is available at schlage.comhttp://emtek.com/

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