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Small Business Security

Today’s business environment is very harsh and unforgiving, and the list of factors that can force small businesses into bankruptcy seems endless. Given the fact that, according to a recent survey conducted by the independent charity Victim Support and security company ADT, half of small businesses have been targeted by vandalism, burglary and other crimes, the matter of security takes a very high place on that list. And we haven’t even started talking about cybercrime yet. It should be obvious that small businesses are facing a big problem. Let’s see how that problem can be solved.

businessClear the Space around Your Business’ Facility

Although they wouldn’t want you to know this, but burglars are very easily discouraged. That’s why clearing the space around your business’s facility of any kind of items they can use as a cover can go a very long way in making them eventually give up the break-in. Also, make sure that the parking lot is devoid of anything that could allow potential burglars access to the roof. Finally, the entire space must be well-lit (motion-triggered lights can have a great psychological effect on the attempted robbers, though) and visible from the nearby street.

Reinforce the Entry Points

Doors – For the start, all of your business’ outside doors should be swinging outwards, all the exposed hinges should be pinned, and the jambs around the doors should be reinforced. If you can afford it, you should replace the existing doors with the reinforced metal alternatives. Also, all the outside doors should feature double-cylinder deadbolts and padlocks made of hardened steel.

Windows – Although they’re inherently more vulnerable than doors, the problem of windows’ fragility can be easily solved with burglar-resistant glass. Alternatively, you can address this issue with heavy metal bars or grates.

Install Video Surveillance

The benefits of having surveillance cameras are twofold. First, they offer a great way to monitor your Surveillanceemployees, customers and record any attempted at theft. Second, they serve as an additional means for discouraging burglars from even trying to break in. Because of that, you can cover some of the areas that are usually not the most probable entry points with dummy cameras that should signal invaders to stay away. Make sure, though, that that the outside doors, windows, cash registers and other important sections are covered by the real deal.

Install Alarm System

According to people working for the locksmith agency from Express Locksmith Toronto, business security systems usually feature two types of alarms:

Monitored alarm  – Sends a distress signal to contact center which, in turn, contacts the police.

Unmonitored alarm  – Sets off a series of floodlights that are supposed to draw attention and scare off the burglars.

On the first glance, the first type of alarm seems more secure, but keep in mind that phone cords can be cut before the burglary, rendering the entire system useless. That is why it is the best idea to install them both.

securityManage Cyber-security

As we previously mentioned not all threats to your business come from burglars. The list of measures you should take to protect yourself from their cyber counterparts is pretty extensive but here are some of the most important steps:

  • Use a reliable email provider that enables you multi-factor authentication.
  • Encrypt the data you’re storing locally and use the encrypted cloud storage for backing up.
  • Split different sections of your business (payroll, human resources, etc.) into isolated and mutually independent systems.
  • Educate your staff to recognize potential treats like phishing.
  • Control administrator privileges.
  • Back up sensitive data in more than one location.
  • Monitor your employees’ devices.

The threat of attempted robbery, be it by the hand of a real-world or a cyber thief, is very clear and present. Still, the first step in avoiding the trap is knowing about its existence. We hope that these few tips will help you to go few steps beyond.

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